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Canada’s first woman in space wants us back on the moon working at research stations

Canada’s first woman in space wants us back on the moon working at research stations

Brian Kelly

Kelly reports Dr. Roberta Bondar favours humanity’s best next step in space exploration is a return to the moon “to challenge ourselves differently.” To really understand radiation ~ how our bodies respond to radiation changes ~ how we develop treatments or cures for cancers and other disease.

On the topic of space tourism, Kelly writes that Bondar found William Shatner’s response about his experience looking at our planet was eloquent. She found it comparable to what working astronauts experience although working astronauts also experience added senses of purpose and importance in the work they do while on orbit.

When asked about the upcoming 30th Anniversary Event planned to celebrate her launch on the First International Microgravity Laboratory, Bondar says she knows little of what will happen that evening but glad of its global outreach. Proceeds benefit The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s educational programs and research projects.

Said Bondar, “We’re trying to extend the reach nationally and internationally because our programming is international. Our view and our vision goes beyond the political boundaries of Canada. It goes to where Canada fits in the global environmental community, where we fit in the globe. We’re not just a separate entity where the border stops.”

Full Interview: 30 years later, Bondar wants us back on the moon

Still exploring 30 years after space voyage

Still exploring 30 years after space voyage

Keri Sweetman
Ontario Medical Review

Roberta Bondar with a camera

Sweetman reveals the passion and purposeful care of physician Dr. Roberta Bondar for her planet.

Following insights from the astronaut’s view of Earth from the orbiting Spacelab, Sweetman expands on Dr. Bondar’s activities after landing.

  • Pioneering Space Medicine research and applying lessons learned to understanding neurological illnesses.
  • Exploring world landscapes featured in exhibitions and books.
  • Pursuing and developing education programs for youth to explore their natural environment.
  • Designing and guiding her internationally supported project – AMASS | Space for Birds to track the migratory pathways and their perils for endangered species.
  • Joining her Ontario doctor colleagues to work for political action to be taken immediately on climate change to mitigate its severe consequences for human health and well-being.

She leaves us recognizing Dr. Bondar’s optimism “about the potential of human creativity to ensure the future of the natural world.” Quoting the ever-exploring doctor, “To be able to look up at the sky, to be able to actually look at ourselves as a life form and wonder, I think that is the greatest gift and I hope I never lose it.”

The Roberta Bondar Foundation hosts a virtual Evening with Dr. Bondar to celebrate this historic space voyage, Saturday, Jan. 22. Entertainment ~ Stories ~ Q&A. 

Roberta Bondar Foundation launches annual award recognizing innovation and passion for the natural world

Roberta Bondar Foundation launches annual award recognizing innovation and passion for the natural world

Screenshot of PDF

Jan 10 2022
SooToday Staff, SooToday .com
New national award planned by the Roberta Bondar Foundation
Jan 7 2022
Brian Kelly, SaultStar .com
Bondar’s foundation launches new award

Jan 6 2022
SooToday Staff, SooToday .com
Roberta Bondar Foundation announces launch of new award

Learn more

AMASS Storymaps grouped with “Birds of a Feather”!

AMASS Storymaps grouped with “Birds of a Feather”!

Collection #NationalBirdDay
Storymaps ArcGIS .com

Slide with the text AMASS/Space for Birds - Bird Migration and an image of Red Knots flying against blue sky

The ArcGIS collections team included The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s AMASS StoryMap series in their bird map collection to help celebrate 2022’s National Bird Day (US).

You’ll find us here with some of our colleagues dedicated to the many aspects of exploring & tracking bird migration
– USFWS | Migratory Bird Management
– Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center | Conservation Science
– National Audubon Society
– Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Flocking together to protect and provide Space For Birds.

Virtual Celebration planned for Dr. Roberta Bondar on January 22nd

Virtual Celebration planned for Dr. Roberta Bondar on January 22nd

93.3 myFM News/Classic Rock staff
www.GoNorthumberland .CA

Preparations continue ahead of the 30th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory on STS Discovery as the world’s first neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut.

Jan 6 2022
News Staff, Freq 90.5/Oldies 96.7 News
Final preparations being made ahead of Dr. Roberta Bondar virtual evening



Jan 2021
Northern Ontario Diaries

Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Moon Story

An interactive experience at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, ten Northern Ontario personalities serve up ten individual story slices from their lives in the auditory travel experience.

Mar 2021
International Space Station Images Trace Bird Migrations

Image of astronaut floating in cupola with a camera

The latest report about our AMASS / Space for Birds project is featured in today’s ISS Research News. Images are part of the space station’s Crew Earth Observation (CEO) project that has supported AMASS since 2016, by photographing locations of bird migration across the globe, for example, along the North American migratory path of the Whooping Crane.

NASA Video about AMASS
AMASS StoryMaps

Apr 2021
This is Our Shot, Canada!

Screenshot of Roberta Bondar tweet about vaccines

Dr. Roberta Bondar joins with thousands of Canadians to share her COVID-19 vaccination message for This Is Our Shot CA campaign. Speaking as a photographer, a physician, a neurologist, and an astronaut, she encourages us to complete our own vaccination path not only for ourselves and loved ones but also for those whose lives have yet to begin.

Nov 2021

Screenshot of Peter Mansbridge tweet

On November 1st, we launched the #BondarInspires campaign to ask Canadians to share their stories of Dr. Bondar – the first time they learned about her, saw her speak, read her work, met her, and how that has inspired their lives. So far, we’ve received over 100 stories across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with thousands of likes, shares, and comments.


Nov 2021
Sharing Space with Dr. Roberta Bondar Podcast

Logo for podcast featuring image of Roberta Bondar in space suit

Open to the universe of new ideas. In this podcast miniseries, Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut and the world’s first neurologist in space, is joined by several famous Canadians to talk about life, creativity, flexibility, and change. You will hear from accomplished people who are on the spectrum of life from the arts to athletics and how life-changes create opportunities to explore oneself and one’s craft—first to find what that special passion is, and then to master it. Listen in for a glimpse into the people behind the name—an unforgettable journey. 

Jerry Agar chats with Dr. Roberta Bondar

Jerry Agar chats with Dr. Roberta Bondar

The Jerry Agar Show

NEWSTALK 1010 Radio’s Jerry Agar talk with Dr. Roberta Bondar this morning covered moments of space launch, growing up w/ space travel on her mind, William Shatner’s emotional reaction to the visible frailty of Earth’s atmosphere, and some of the discoveries from space flight and their medical applications to Earthlings.

Dr. Bondar revealed plans for the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebration of her historic flight aboard STS Discovery’s First International Microgravity Laboratory. She invited listeners to grab a ticket and join the virtual Evening with some friends.

Some Comments from Listeners:

“I remember seeing Roberta Bondar at Hamilton Place, matte maybe later 80s/early 90s, where she spoke to a theatre full of school kids. It is easily one of my best memories as a child, though I was too young to remember the presentation, it still left a favourable impact on my life of science. Thank you Michael in Caledonia”

Montreal QU Dec 15, 2021 10:02

“Roberta is from my home town Jerry. Quality person and maybe underappreciated as a ground breaker. Her mom was my teacher in high school and I went back eventually and taught at the school with her mom as a colleague. I was invited to the launch but a medical issue prevented us from going. Big regret for me but I gave her a recording of the high school band to play in space lol. John Bawating C&VS. alum Sault Ste. marie ontario”

London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:04

“I am from Sault Ste Marie. My mother who would be 93 now would talk about you to us regularly. She was so beyond impressed by you”

Toronto ON Dec 15, 2021 10:10

“Please clone Dr Bondar Sandra London”

London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:11