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Jerry Agar chats with Dr. Roberta Bondar

The Jerry Agar Show

NEWSTALK 1010 Radio’s Jerry Agar talk with Dr. Roberta Bondar this morning covered moments of space launch, growing up w/ space travel on her mind, William Shatner’s emotional reaction to the visible frailty of Earth’s atmosphere, and some of the discoveries from space flight and their medical applications to Earthlings.

Dr. Bondar revealed plans for the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebration of her historic flight aboard STS Discovery’s First International Microgravity Laboratory. She invited listeners to grab a ticket and join the virtual Evening with some friends.

Some Comments from Listeners:

“I remember seeing Roberta Bondar at Hamilton Place, matte maybe later 80s/early 90s, where she spoke to a theatre full of school kids. It is easily one of my best memories as a child, though I was too young to remember the presentation, it still left a favourable impact on my life of science. Thank you Michael in Caledonia”

Montreal QU Dec 15, 2021 10:02

“Roberta is from my home town Jerry. Quality person and maybe underappreciated as a ground breaker. Her mom was my teacher in high school and I went back eventually and taught at the school with her mom as a colleague. I was invited to the launch but a medical issue prevented us from going. Big regret for me but I gave her a recording of the high school band to play in space lol. John Bawating C&VS. alum Sault Ste. marie ontario”

London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:04

“I am from Sault Ste Marie. My mother who would be 93 now would talk about you to us regularly. She was so beyond impressed by you”

Toronto ON Dec 15, 2021 10:10

“Please clone Dr Bondar Sandra London”

London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:11