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Our Purpose

The values of STEAM education can be seen throughout our work. An expansion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), STEAM recognizes the importance of including Art in how we learn about, observe and think about the world. Exercised in conjunction with observation, critical thinking and technical skills, the inclusion of creative expression in STEM provides a more comprehensive view of our environment and supports complex problem solving – a skill that is much needed in our world today. This integration allows us to explore the world and ourselves in unique ways. Seeing the world from multiple perspectives is a skill that is practiced and encouraged in our programs.

Dr. Bondar’s lifelong pursuit of learning and exploration reflects these values. The variety of her experiences, including her medical background, experience as an astronaut, and training in fine art photography, have directly influenced the type of programming we develop. These experiences sparked the formation of the foundation itself. We are driven by our need to see and experience the world through multiple vantage points, as Dr. Bondar continues to do.