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Circle 129



Circle 129 is a new community of The Roberta Bondar Foundation [RBF] whose membership includes people from various parts of the world who share Dr. Roberta Bondar’s belief in the importance of sustaining the natural world and encouraging others to act in both small and big ways to protect our environment.

Circle 129 launched on January 22, 2022, at the 30th-anniversary event of Roberta’s historic space flight. At the event, participants experienced an evening of inspiration and impact as they celebrated a Canadian icon, role model and environmental educator. Participants learned about the important work of the Roberta Bondar Foundation, heard from Roberta, and enjoyed some entertainment and appearances by very special guests.

Circle 129 Logo

The Roberta Bondar Foundation is rooted in Dr. Roberta Bondar’s experience as Canada’s first female astronaut and the world’s first neurologist in space. The name Circle 129 honours Dr. Bondar’s journey as she circled Earth 129 times as a crew member aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, saw our planet from a different perspective, and committed to combine medicine, scientific research, creativity and knowledge of the environment to build hope for the future of humanity.

By joining Circle 129, like-minded people have an opportunity to connect with each other, while supporting RBF’s vital work, including conducting extensive research to ensure conservation of critical habitats for at-risk migratory bird species, utilizing photography to instill deep learning and a life-long appreciation of our natural world in youth, or making a timely and important connection between mental health and our environment.

At its core, Circle 129 is a special community of supporters who provide a foundation of funding, ensuring that the RBF can undertake long-term programming, and seize opportunities that make a positive impact. Circle 129 members make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more, and enjoy special opportunities to learn and connect with the RBF community. The RBF’s initial goal is to identify 129 founding supporters to honour Dr. Roberta Bondar for her historic achievements and outstanding lifetime accomplishments, inspiring all of us to achieve our dreams.

List of names of the current Circle 129 supporters

Circle 129 supporters believe in the power of the individual and communities to change lives and influence the future of our natural world. Their commitment provides some sustainability to the work of the Foundation knowing we have a group of individuals that will be there for us financially into the future. We thank them for their continued support and we invite others to join them in this sustainability community – a global circle of caring. As supporters, the Foundation is proud to recognize you publicly on our website as people who want to make a difference. We are grateful for your support.

Join Circle 129 now, and help create a sense of belonging where we can learn from each other year after year because we believe in hope for our planet and our interdependence with nature.

Those interested in being part of this unique sustainability initiative make a donation of $1,000 or more each year. Charitable Receipts for Income Tax purposes will be provided for all donations.