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Glacier and mountain

About the Foundation

The Roberta Bondar Foundation recognizes the importance of building and maintaining the relationship between humans and nature. Our health and survival are deeply intertwined with our planet’s health. Protecting our home and taking measures to safeguard our future starts with remembering this connection in all aspects of our lives. Our programs are designed to bring people closer to nature and revitalize the emotional connection they have with the natural world.

All activities associated with the Foundation are grounded in four values

Producing a universal language of images, photography captures our hearts and minds and is understood by people of every culture. Photography can be a powerful medium for capturing and transmitting ideas through a universal tool – the camera.

Understanding and seeing the beauty of the environment and changes being experienced within it creates hope for society.

Embracing the environment as part of an individual’s heritage sustains interest and promotes ethical behavior.

Infusing art with science and science with art stimulates learning and curiosity in people of all ages including intergenerational dialogue.

The Symbolism Behind the Logo

The logo represents the interconnectedness of nature symbolized by a migrating bird, and the edge of Earth and space where Dr. Bondar spent 8 days in 1992. The Earth from space is remarkably pastel to the human eye. Shading from green to turquoise speaks of life on land and sea and in the air.

Roberta Bondar Foundation logo mark

Developing its programs and activities through the generous donations of supporters, official receipts for donations are issued for income tax purposes under Charity No. 80743 8759 RR0001.

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WINGS Fall 2021

To find out where we’ve been and what we’re doing through our programs and partnerships, check out WINGS, the official newsletter of The Roberta Bondar Foundation.