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WINGS Newsletter

Keep in touch with us through WINGS, the official newsletter of The Roberta Bondar Foundation. Our past editions can be found and viewed below. Find out what we’re doing through our programs and partnerships.

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WINGS Spring 2022

Previous Newsletters:

The Fall 2021 issue of The Roberta Bondar Foundation's official newsletter, WINGS. It begins with an ad for the 30th anniversary event of Dr. Bondar's historic spaceflight.
The Spring and Summer 2021 Edition of WINGS showing the WINGS logo and a photo of the coast of Nambia, photographed from the International Space Station.
The Fall and Winter 2020 Edition of WINGS, with a photograph of birds flying in the sky.
The 2020 School Edition of WINGS showing a photo of birds standing in water
The 2019 Camp Edition of WINGS showing a photo of tree branches against a blue sky
Summer 2019 Edition of WINGS showing a photo of pebbles in a stream
The Summer 2018 Edition of WINGS, showing a photo of Roberta Bondar photographing land from a helicopter
Cover of WINGS Volume 3 Number 5 showing Roberta Bondar shaking hands with a boy
The cover of WINGS Volume 2 Issue 2 showing a photo of a dragonfly on a flower
The cover of WINGS Volume 2 Issue 1 showing women in a classroom in Kenya
The cover of WINGS Volume 1 Issue 1 showing children in a summer camp

To request full copies of our previous WINGS editions, please contact WINGS Back Issues.