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Still exploring 30 years after space voyage

Keri Sweetman
Ontario Medical Review

Roberta Bondar with a camera

Sweetman reveals the passion and purposeful care of physician Dr. Roberta Bondar for her planet.

Following insights from the astronaut’s view of Earth from the orbiting Spacelab, Sweetman expands on Dr. Bondar’s activities after landing.

  • Pioneering Space Medicine research and applying lessons learned to understanding neurological illnesses.
  • Exploring world landscapes featured in exhibitions and books.
  • Pursuing and developing education programs for youth to explore their natural environment.
  • Designing and guiding her internationally supported project – AMASS | Space for Birds to track the migratory pathways and their perils for endangered species.
  • Joining her Ontario doctor colleagues to work for political action to be taken immediately on climate change to mitigate its severe consequences for human health and well-being.

She leaves us recognizing Dr. Bondar’s optimism “about the potential of human creativity to ensure the future of the natural world.” Quoting the ever-exploring doctor, “To be able to look up at the sky, to be able to actually look at ourselves as a life form and wonder, I think that is the greatest gift and I hope I never lose it.”

The Roberta Bondar Foundation hosts a virtual Evening with Dr. Bondar to celebrate this historic space voyage, Saturday, Jan. 22. Entertainment ~ Stories ~ Q&A.