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Our Mission, Vision, Values


We address the growing nature deficit in society, cultivating in all ages a sense of awe, respect and appreciation for other life forms that share our planet.

We explore the relationship between life and the planet through the fusion of art and science.


To transform individuals and community members through programs that build a culture of curiosity, creativity and critical thinking about the natural environment.



We believe that seeking to learn, asking questions and unleashing creativity, build enquiring minds and an informed society.


We believe that engaging the natural environment:

  • closes the nature deficit that is growing due in large part to increased urbanization
  • has the potential to make the natural environment part of a personal heritage.

Creative Expression

We believe that the camera is a gateway (portal) to frame and reframe the world around us, seeing what we have not seen before. The fusion of photographic art and science stimulates our creative expression and expands our understanding of the environment and our interrelationship with its elements.


We believe that building partnerships with like-minded organizations and communities leverages donor support and results in more sustainable operations and programming.


We believe that through knowledge and understanding, we can build respect for other life forms, including the concept of biodiversity.

Tag Line

Taking Care of Earth
Taking Care of Us