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Canada’s first woman in space wants us back on the moon working at research stations

Brian Kelly

Kelly reports Dr. Roberta Bondar favours humanity’s best next step in space exploration is a return to the moon “to challenge ourselves differently.” To really understand radiation ~ how our bodies respond to radiation changes ~ how we develop treatments or cures for cancers and other disease.

On the topic of space tourism, Kelly writes that Bondar found William Shatner’s response about his experience looking at our planet was eloquent. She found it comparable to what working astronauts experience although working astronauts also experience added senses of purpose and importance in the work they do while on orbit.

When asked about the upcoming 30th Anniversary Event planned to celebrate her launch on the First International Microgravity Laboratory, Bondar says she knows little of what will happen that evening but glad of its global outreach. Proceeds benefit The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s educational programs and research projects.

Said Bondar, “We’re trying to extend the reach nationally and internationally because our programming is international. Our view and our vision goes beyond the political boundaries of Canada. It goes to where Canada fits in the global environmental community, where we fit in the globe. We’re not just a separate entity where the border stops.”

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