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Timmins Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge Submissions

Hey Timminsians! Who else has what we have? 2 watersheds, 4 conservation areas, a 45-km recreational trail system that travels to the corners of our community, plant and animal wildlife of every size, and Northern Lights!

Is there one natural outdoor element that you hope would still be here for the people of Timmins and its visitors 150 years from now?

What will you find? Can you capture that special scene or animal or plant in a photograph to show others what you’d like them to see?

Check out some of our submitted photos with the why of what we value:

“Bees are important because if we didn’t have bees we wouldn’t have 95 percent of the crops we have. They are also important because they pollinate flowers and keep most of our plants alive.”

Image of three bumblebees in a sunflower

“I used to play golf at the Hollinger Golf Driving Range with my grandfather every weekend until he passed away. It was our routine; every Saturday morning we’d wake up at 10 am and go putting.”

Image of a golf ball in the grass taken from a low angle

“Ever since I was a child in the fall, I would look up to see the leaves fall. Every winter I would look up to see the snowflakes fall. In the spring I would sit and watch all things good being born and blossoming. In the summer, I looked at everything living.”

Image of light filtering through trees in a snowy forest

“This is a beautiful spring photo of the upper High Falls on the Grassy River. I hope it is still here in 2167 for everyone to enjoy on a great hike.”

Image of frothy water going over a waterfall in rocky river

“Every night I like to look out the moon with my telescope. Whenever I’m out there looking through I feel like I’m in the sky, Even with the sky is cloudy I can still look at the moon.”

Image of 3/4 moon in black sky

“I took this shot out at my cottage this winter. I love this quiet peaceful lake.”

Image of birds at a feeder on a porch overlooking a frozen lake

“​I took this picture at my camp it’s a trail that me and my friend go four-wheeling on all the time.”

Image of a dirt track in forest

“Although the DANDELION is commonly referred to as an “urban pest”,  its uses are numerous including herbal medicine and food source.  However, with the dwindling global bee population, let’s work together to stop urban pesticide use and let these yellow beauties shine for years to come!”

Image of dandelions with an ant crawling on one

“I was out exploring looking for a geocache when I realized how beautiful this creek is. We really should get out more and enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh water we have here in Ontario.”

Image small rocky waterfall

“This photo of the sun poking out from the trees made me feel happy.”

Image of sun through evergreen treeline

“I chose this picture to shoot because the sunset was perfect and there was a loon swimming.”

Image of a lake with bird swimming

“I remember when I used to climb trees when I was younger, this photo represents the growth of curiosity I have with the wildlife.”

Image of trees in a fenced backyard

“I would like Gillies Lake to be here in 150 years because I would like for the animals and plants to still be here. It’s a place where people can go on the walking path to visit nature.”

Image of sky reflected on lake

“It is so amazing to think that there is so much more to the universe than earth, and the sky is a constant reminder of that.”

Image of pink clouds over a road

“I picked this photo because it is about nature and it is so pretty. I like how the leaves look in the sun.”

Image of tree branches in the sun

“I picked this picture because it reminds me of baby turtles crawling out of the sand. Animals are an important part of nature.”

Image of sand close up

“I hope bees are around as long as the world is around, because bees are really important to our community, and communities all around the world. Bees keep 1 out of 3 bites of our food alive and we need that food to live.”

Image of a bee on a dandelion

“I chose this picture because it reminds me of a waterfall but with leaves. I like how there are shadows from the leaves and how the branch is on an angle. I also like that it is a baby tree.”

Image of green tree leaves

“I picked the picture I took of the inside of a dandelion puff because it is a new and pretty perspective. We usually don’t look that close at a dandelion. It looks pretty cool.”

Image of dandelion fluff touching camera lens

“I picked this picture because I thought it looked very pretty and I like the angle that I took it from. I took the picture from the inside of a tree.”

Image of sunlight filtering through green tree leaves

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