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Kenora Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge Submissions

We are mighty Kenora and a natural attraction so stunning that two provincial governments once wrangled for over a decade to claim us as their own! K-town — where, yearly, we welcome visitors in numbers that swell our own population to 6 x its size!

Where we are building forward with our indigenous partners to become active stewards of our Lake of the Woods.

Is there one natural outdoor element that you hope would still be here for our Lake of the Woods home and its visitors 150 years from now? Think you could capture that special scene or animal or plant in a photograph to show others what you’d like them to see?

That’s the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.

For us, the trick will be to choose that one something special to each of us… since our Lake of the Woods has over 14,500 islands, over 104,600 km (65,000 mi) of shoreline, and who knows how many different species of animal or plant life!

Here are some of our submitted photos with personal statements about their importance to the photographers:

“The American White Pelican is a favourite summer lake visitor of mine. I look forward to seeing this exotic looking bird arrive in May until it’s departure in September. I hope that it will continue to make our northern shores of Lake of the Woods it’s summer home 150 years from now!”

Pelican in water

“This photo spells magic with the reflective peaceful water surrounding Scott Island on Lake of the Woods at Kenora, Ontario. Cheers to its existence 150 years from now!”

Island on lake with boats on dock in foreground

“This photo shows the beauty of the natural world. This full rainbow was super bright and stayed for a long time. It made a double rainbow at times and sometimes even a triple.”

Rainbow over lake and treeline

“This is an picture of Lake Of The Woods. I chose this picture because the lake is part of the Rainy Lake of The Woods Watershed.”

Boat and wake in lake

“This photo captures one of Kenora’s natural wonders. The lake is such an important environmental aspect that needs to be recognized and protected for years to come!”

Dock on lake

“I took this picture because I like the taste of dill. I think dill should still be around in 150 years.”

Dill plant

“I took this picture because it ís pretty and some bugs live in it.”

Wild grasses in seed

“I took this picture because the tree looked very cool.”

Leafless tree against sky

“I took this picture because they are beautiful and purple. Purple is my second favourite colour.”

Wildflowers in field

“I took this picture because it looks pretty.”

Conifer against the sky

“I thought this looked nice.”

Daisy in front of log

“I like the colours of the leaves on the tree and trees give us oxygen.”

Birch tree against sky

“I like trees and how they make shade.”

Trees in forest

“I took this picture because I like how the tree looked.”

Upward look at tree

“It is a really nice piece of nature and I like how they have some pink in them.”

Clover in field

“The trees might be gone because of global warming. The trees also might be gone by people cutting dawn the trees.”

Meadow surrounded by trees

“Because it’s beautiful and we can use it to build houses.”

Birch trees against sky and sun

“I took this picture because it’s really pretty and it looks like the forest is really deep.”

Trees in forest

“Wild tiger lilies are a rare beauty. If people don’t leave things to grow like nature intended, then we will no longer see such beautiful things in our ecosystems. I noticed this flower as well as two other wild lilies on a three hour hike around tunnel island.”

Wild tiger lily in meadow

“I think that in 150 years this place will look different no matter what. The trees might still stand but they will be older or there might not even be a forest here, you might never know until the time comes.”

Meadow with wildflowers and trees

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