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Thunder Bay Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge Submissions

Clean, Green & Beautiful… we know we’re “Superior by Nature” at the Lakehead. We’ve gone from two cities and more to become an eco-active Thunder Bay. At the head of the greatest of Great Lakes, we have always been Canada’s Gateway to the West. And we’re just “Becoming Our Best” in our commitment to our EarthCare Sustainability Plan.

As we work to secure the environmental health of our region, there is a wealth of natural outdoor elements we cherish.

Is there one natural outdoor element that you hope will still be available for our Lakehead and its visitors 150 years from now?

Can you capture it in a photograph to show others what you’d like them to see?

Here are the photos we’ve chosen from our area so far!

“This is at Kakabeka Falls that is 29.7 km away from Thunder Bay. The beauty of this picture isn’t the water falling from the falls, it’s the journey of the water.”

Image of river surrounded by forest taken from high viewpoint

“I chose this photo because of how beautiful the colours of the leaves are all year round even when the are ready to fall.  This is something I hope to be able to enjoy forever!!”

Image of red leaf edged with frost

“I decided to submit this picture because in 150 years I want others to be able to experience the beauty of nature the way we can today.”

Image of tree branches with white flowers against blue sky

“I would love to continue seeing beautiful sunsets on the lake. I hope that this view will never be ruined by polluted air, dirty water or a littered shore.”

Image of blue and red sky at sunset reflected on lake

“In big populated cities like Toronto, people are destroying farm land to build houses to accommodate for our growth in population. This is taking away from our food source and it is also making it more difficult to get local food grown here in Canada.”

Image of agricultural field

“This photo of a Japanese Blossom tree reminds me of the beauty of the Earth, if we want to continue growing, and expanding here we just take care of the Earth for future generations.”

Image of a tree branch with white flowers

“​Below is a picture I took at dusk. What initially draws your eyes are the orange colours from the sunset and the strong white birch central to the photo. The little chipmunk that is posed on the concrete step is what grasped my attention because even the smallest things in nature, amidst the grandiose features, are part of the circle of life. It is the small, yet integral parts of nature that I hope will be here in 150 years.”

Image of birch tree at edge of forest

“This is a picture of a Burl Oak planted and sprouting anew, in the spring, west of Thunder Bay at Shebandowan Lake. It was planted in 2015 at our 60 year old Hurrell family cottage and should survive the next 150 years or more.”

Image of buds on a tree branch

“I chose this photo because the footprints in the sand show me walking on the shores of Lake Superior and I want the freshwater lake to still be here for my children and grandchildren to experience all of its beauty.”

Image of a human footprint in sand

“This photo was taken at Marina Park during the winter. It features the Sleeping Giant in the background, the sleeping giant has always been the thing that Thunder Bay’s best known for and hopefully it will continue to be.”

Image of tree branches with lake in the background

“These are photos of Lady Slippers growing on a point on Marion Lake near Quetico Provincial Park. I hope that Lady Slippers will be blooming in June, 150 years from now.”

Image of pink flowers

“This is an apple tree in bloom in my backyard. I chose this photo because I hope that in 150 years we will still be growing our own healthy food on this beautiful planet.”

Image of tree branch with white flowers

“I love seeing the Sandhill Crane fly throughout Thunder Bay. Their massive wingspan and long legs makes their flight appear majestic to me. I hope these beautiful birds will still be here.”

Image of a great blue heron flying in forest

“I chose this picture because it was a river that was in the middle of nature.”

Image of birch trees in forest

“Burdocks are often overlooked as they aren’t your typically beautiful plant. But I think they’re amazing as their adaptation for seed dispersal is incredible.”

Image of burdock plant burrs

“Late summer sky captured from my front deck in lovely Thunder Bay.”

Image of sunset over trees

“I hope that tranquil wild spaces will still surround us 150 years from now. I chose this photo because the stillness of morning on a remote river renews the soul. Everyone should always have access to a beautiful place like this.”

Image of purple sky over lake

“I chose this picture because I hope to be able to see the leaves change colour for many seasons to come. Trees provide us with so much beauty all year round.”

Image of tree looking up towards sky

“Snails have shells.”

(Photo shot by parent)
Image of snails on tree trunk

“This Leopard Frog is quite happy in his environment on our property. We hope his species continues to stay that way for at least another 150 years.”

Image of a leopard frog in the grass

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