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Sault Ste. Marie Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge Submissions

Here we are — bawating — the meeting place where the greatest of Great Lakes join up!

So much natural beauty. So little time.

If you could keep our naturally gifted environment as it is today, what natural beauty would you like Saultites to continue to enjoy 150 years from today?

Capture some of our city and townships’ natural bounty through photography — what you’d hope citizens and visitors here would still enjoy 150 years from now.

We’re featuring our submitted photos and our reasons for taking them, right here:

“Exploring the back roads of Algoma leads to many beautiful lakes so important to our ecosystem.”

Image of reeds along lake edge

“The sun is warm and inviting as it fills you with awe, hopes and dreams. A sunset allows you reflect on the day gone past and prepares you for the night to come.”

Panoramic image of sunset on a lake

“Lake Superior makes up a significant percentage of the world’s fresh water and is such a beautiful site that people 100 years from now should have the privilege of seeing and experiencing it.”

Image of rock beach with waves

“Lake Superior`s natural beauty and ruggedness should be preserved at all costs so that people and animals may continue to enjoy one of the most spectacular fresh water lakes in the world. This in one of a kind jewel.”

Image of leaves with holes against sky and trees in background

“I value Lake Superior as a natural element because it captures the natural beauty of Ontario. Lake Superior has many elements of beauty including its plant life, animals and the natural pattern of the tides.”

Image of decaying mushroom

“​Lake Superior”

Image of lake superior shoreline from low angle

“I value this natural element because it represents my community, my country, and my culture. Lake Superior has been a part of this landscape for thousands of years and I hope that it continues and will forever be a part North America’s culture.”

Image of pinecones on the ground

“It is extremely valuable for future generations to have the opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful phenomenons such as the Great Lakes. I feel that I captured the natural beauty of this vast area and have emphasized the irreplaceable value of Lake Superior.”

Image of a rocky beach meeting foamy waves

“I value this natural element because some of the natural beauties around the world are being destroyed by human activities and Lake Superior is a symbol of hope that we can preserve the beauty left on this planet.”

Image of a rocky beach meeting water

“The photo I captured shows the wonder of a spider’s natural architecture. I chose this photo because spiders are necessary on nearly every continent, and are a part of every common ecosystem imaginable. Spiders may appear tiny and insignificant, but they are important predators and prey for many species.”

Image of a spiderweb in the sunlight

“This picture was selected because it depicts the native land that was here long before we decided to settle down in this area. I would be pleased to hear that this stunning piece of land is here in the future.”

Image of a rocky shoreline on a pond with bridges in the background

“I choose this photo because of it’s colour and natural beauty.”

Image of a red and orange mushroom with a white stalk

“Echo Bay to the east of Sault Ste. Marie is the perfect place for kayaking. I have seen deer, fish, eagles, osprey, terns, gulls, geese, ducks, herons, dragon flies, water plants and insects of all types. It is a place where the more you look the more you discover. I hope that 150 years from now it is still teeming with this diversity of life.”

Image of two dragonflies on a water lily stem

“Beaver Dam Falls (Searchmont ON) is located right across the road from my aunt’s house. My family, friends and I hike around there all the time. It’s one of my favourite places to hang out and relax.”

Image of waterfalls in forest

“I chose this photo because it shows bringing a little bit of the outdoors in. I like to root plants like this one in the winter so that they are ready to be transplanted in the spring.”

Image of plants rooting in jars of water in a windowsill

“In 150 years, I want the beautiful blue waters of the Great Lakes to be there. I want further generations to experience swimming in the crystal clear waters and drinking clean, fresh water. This picture demonstrates how lucky we are to have the great lakes.”

Image of a rocky beach and waves

“Using the rule of three…dominance of these spectacular Spring colours – blue, green and gold.  I hope the vibrancy survives over the next 150 years.”

Image of a yellow bush

“Wildflowers are in bloom on the trails along Whitefish Island.  A serene place for a nature walk. This is my happiest place on earth.”

Image of yellow flowers in front of river

“The walkway across the the Sault Locks to Whitefish Island provides a scenic nature path around the island with an amazing view of the rapids.  Birds are abundant on the island and shown in this photograph is a female Mallard reflecting her image on the water.”

Image of a female mallard duck with bill open

“We went to our trailer park behind Bruce Mines. Walking a trail, found groups of these Trillium’s all over. Great to see Ontario flowers in great abundance.”

Image of a group of trillium flowers in the forest

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