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North Bay Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge Submissions

We’ve called our city the “Gateway of the North” and we’ve grown because we really are “Just North Enough to be PERFECT”.

Because it IS all here! Natural. North. Near.

Let’s showcase the unique natural elements of our city and districts through photography.

What natural beauty would you like to see citizens and visitors to North Bay continue to enjoy 150 years from today?

Here are some of our submitted photos with its own reason for capture:

“I chose to take a picture of clouds because of how important they are to agriculture. If clouds eventually become too acidic we would have almost no food and most of us would die.”

Image of blue sky with clouds over a town

“I chose this picture because I loved being in the middle of nowhere. In 150 years I wish to see this place still full of trees with lakes surrounding them.”

Image of sunrise over treeline

“I believe this photo shows the raw nature that exists in the North. It shows that we aren’t all snow and trees, but gloomy days and running water as well.”

Image of waterfall onto rocks

“Over the years I have noticed the pond beside my house is slowly becoming smaller. We should start respecting and honoring our water, because our survival depends on water.”

Image of raindrops on a pond

“This photo reflects how peaceful Lake Nipissing is. I learned to swim in this lake. In North Bay we are so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful bodies of water.”

Image of rock in lake

“​This is a sunset photo of Lake Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario which I took when I was 10 years old. It is a 6 second long exposure shot, and is why it gives the water the effect of looking smoky or like ice.”

Image of sunset over lake and rock shoreline

“Kate Pace Way- Flowers bring the world colour and have been bringing the world colour for longer than any human has been alive, throughout the good times and the bad flowers have always been there to brighten someone’s day.”

Image of purple flowers with blurred background

“I took a picture of a purple and blue plant in nature. I would want to see this plant in 150 years because plants give us air to breathe.”

Image of purple and blue flowers in a wood chip bed

“I took a picture of a flower. I want to see this plant in 150 years because it’s pretty, I like these two colors and they are my favourite plant.”

Image of a plant with flowers in wood chip bed

“An unsuspecting moose crossed my path and it was a breathtaking experience.”

An image of a moose's face in profile

“I took a picture of a flower in nature. I would like to see them in 150 years because I care about plants, they give us what we need, they help us.”

Image of blue and purple flowers

“I took a picture of grass. Grass is important because its fresh and green.”

Image of grass

“I took a picture of a weed. Weeds are important because they feed other plants and they help them grow.”

Image of a green weed in a flower bed

“I took a picture of purple flowers. Flowers are important because they are pretty to look at and they smell good.”

Image of purple flowers

“I took a picture of a caterpillar. Caterpillars are important to see in 150 years because they help feed other bugs.”

Image of a caterpillar on a birch tree

“I took a picture of a tree and they are important because tree’s give us our air and they are nature.”

Image of birch tree in grass

“I took a picture of a growing tree. It has a white bark and green leaves. Trees are important because they give us air to breathe.”

Image of a birch tree in grass

“I took a picture of a plant because its fresh and it feeds other plants.”

An image of grass in wood chip bed

“I took a picture of a tree because they help us breathe.”

Image of a birch tree with leaves

“I took a picture of trees in the distance. I love nature because it makes it fun to play outside.”

Image of a tree in front of a building

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