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Zoo / Park Bondar Challenge Winners

Multiple Zoos and Parks run Bondar Challenges. The most recent winners are highlighted on this page, see left-side navigation bar for previous years.

The following images are the Winners of the July 2018 Turtle Island Conservation Bondar Challenge Bush Camp at the Toronto Zoo. All participants were from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre.

These images may be chosen to travel with The Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience at selected venues in Canada and internationally.

Congratulations to all participants!


The Winner of the Insect category is “Mskwa Cricket” by E. Therrien.

The Winner of the Insect category is “Mskwa Cricket” by E. Therrien.


The Winner of the Landscape category is “Waterfall” by M. Morshed.

The Winner of the Landscape category is “Waterfall” by M. Morshed.


The Winner of the Mammal category is “Otters” by B. Cada.

The Winner of the Mammal category is “Otters” by B. Cada.

The Runners-up in the Mammal category are:
“A Girl Named Charlie” by A. M. Graner

“A Girl Named Charlie” by A. M. Graner

and “Big Mon” by A. Therrien.

“Big Mon” by A. Therrien


The Winner of the Plant category is “Beautiful Mind” by E. Robust.

The Winner of the Plant category is “Beautiful Mind” by E. Robust.

The Runner-up in the Plant category is “Leafy” by A. Tomes.

The Runner-up in the Plant category is “Leafy” by A. Tomes.


The Winner of the Reptile category is “Will Gem” by D. Tomes.

The Winner of the Reptile category is “Will Gem” by D. Tomes.


The Winner of the Underwater category is “Light Up” by J. Harris.

The Winner of the Underwater category is “Light Up” by J. Harris.

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