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Selected Materials

Cover of the ICCA toolkit by the UNEP

From the United Nations Environment Programme — this resource-rich kit of terrific tools that supports the knowledge and conservation efforts of local, rural, and indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Territories and Areas — ICCAs — often exist in locations where residing communities have a traditional and historical association with the land or sea. These ICCAs are set aside for conservation to enhance biodiversity, protect sites of historical, cultural, or spiritual value, and to provide investment for future generations.

Explore UNEP’s ingenious and valuable link-packed tools that include:

  • several case studies
  • balloon and kite assisted digital photography ideas for aerial photo-mapping
  • wildlife and plant survey & inventories
  • frameworks and e-modules for empowerment on legal issues and land rights
  • aids to gain protections for forest, water rights, and marine resources
  • links to brochures, The Landscape Game, climate documentation
  • making effective poster, slide, and video presentations and how to use local+ communications networks
  • photo-story making
  • asset mapping
  • traditional bio-cultural knowledge recording & documentation
  • funding resources, community and eco-tourism ideas
Roberta Bondar article pp 34-35 in Our Planet. See the Full Publication.
Our Planet cover
UNESCO – World Heritage Magazine – International Year of Biodiversity. Heritage and Biodiversity ~ Synergies & Solutions.” World Heritage No. 56, June 2010, UNESCO.