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Red Cliffs

Artistic Collaborations

The Roberta Bondar Foundation welcomes new opportunities to explore the fusion of art in science and the science in art. The Foundation shares some of its images with other artists to create new ways of realizing that fusion.

Toronto, June 18, 2017

Banner for Life Reflected

Luminato 2017 presents the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s celebrated Life Reflected — storytelling, original compositions, and immersive multimeda to reflect four legendary Canadian women: anti-bullying advocate Amanda Todd (My Name is Amanda Todd), writer Alice Munro (Dear Life), astronaut Roberta Bondar (Bondarsphere) and poet Rita Joe (I Lost My Talk).

Toronto, Sunday April 9, 2017

Banner for High Flight Songs of the Stars

Eglinton St. George’s United Church, Toronto —
Dr. Roberta Bondar joined the Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto in celebration of the 25th anniversary of her flight aboard STS Discovery’s First International Microgravity Laboratory.

The concert was presented in collaboration with The Roberta Bondar Foundation. Dr. Bondar was the concert’s special guest. Along with Bondar’s captivating photography, were choral works inspired by the magic of the heavens and the earth, as well as real star sounds.

Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto
Lydia Adams, conductor
Shawn Grenke, piano
Dr. Roberta Bondar

Ottawa, May 19, 2016

Banner for Life Reflected

Life Reflected — National Arts Centre

A collection of powerful stories inspired by life experiences of four exceptional Canadian women — Alice Munro, Amanda Todd, Roberta Bondar and Rita Joe.

The stories are told in a sensory immersion of multidisciplinary composition — music, film, dance, photography.

Review: NACO’s Life Reflected shares a universal message of hope

Sault Ste. Marie, February 14 – May 24, 2015

The Art Gallery of Algoma hosted a reprise of Dreams & Realities — Human Sensitivity of Place. This was the exhibition’s first visit to Ontario.

Image of three women at TELE gallery
Director Jasmina Jovanovic, photograph artist Dr. Bondar, and Exhibit Curator, Patricia Bovey
Image of four people at TELE gallery
SSM Mayor Christian Provenzano, Jasmina Jovanovic, AGA Board Secretary Mark A. Lepore, Dr. Bondar
Image of TELE images
A sample mix of images about our environment made by Dr. Bondar’s photography and by Carole Sabiston’s textile assemblage
Image of crowd at TELE gallery
Some of the evening’s gallery attendees
Image of three people at TELE gallery
Dr. Bondar, Jasmina Jovanovic, Mayor Provenzano
Image of two people in crowd at TELE gallery
Photography Judge Arthur Bondar, local RBF sponsor Maitland Lewis
Image of three people at TELE gallery
City councillor Susan Myers (rear), Leslie Foster (L), Elspeth Fleming
Image of two women at TELE gallery
Dr. Bondar, Donna Hilsinger

Toronto, 2015

Banner for Of heart and tide

In 2015, The Foundation joined a second multimedia collaboration with the Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto in an evening of music and image — Of Heart and Tide: The Gift of Water — under the direction of conductor Lydia Adams.

Winnipeg, October 2, 2014 – January 11, 2015

The Buhler Gallery in the Saint Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, exists “… to provide an oasis of contemplation and vision, engaging people in high visual arts programming, music, readings, and performances.”

Who could resist?

Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA, founding partner & Project Lead for the Buhler Gallery, created Dreams & Realities — Human Sensitivity of Place to feature fine art photographs from The Roberta Bondar Foundation together with the textile assemblages of Carole Sabiston. The installation produced a fusion of different media from two internationally acclaimed artists expressing their concerns about and commitment to Canada’s natural diversity.

Image of two women at TELE gallery
Dr. Bondar addresses volunteers with Curator Patricia Bovey
Image of crowd at TELE gallery
Exhibit attendees at the Opening reception
Image of two women at TELE gallery
Artists Bondar and Sabiston at the Dreams and Realities gallery entrance
Image of woman speaking
Exhibit Curator Patricia Bovey
Image of three women at TELE gallery
Fellow artists Carole Sabiston, Roberta Bondar, and Exhibit Curator Patricia Bovey
Image of Roberta Bondar speaking to kids at TELE gallery
Dr. Bondar speaking with students interested in Arts and Science

Halifax, 2014

Award for Elmer Iseler Singers

The Association of Canadian Choral Communities awarded “Most Innovative Performance” to the Amadeus Choir and Lydia Adams, conductor for Music of the Spheres!

Toronto, 2012

Image of Roberta Bondar speaking

Participant Dr. Roberta Bondar talks about how we see elements in Nature differently. From the Walrus Foundation, host of Autumn 2012’s public conversation at Toronto’s AGO about the future of our cities and the nature of urban living in Canada.

Toronto, 2012

Banner for Music of the Spheres

In 2012, The Roberta Bondar Foundation was pleased to collaborate on Music of the Spheres, a multimedia production between the Amadeus Choir, the Elmer Iseler Singers, and The Ontario Science Centre under conductor Lydia Adams.