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30th Anniversary Event

An Evening with Dr. Roberta Bondar & Friends – 30th Anniversary Celebration

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As she circled Earth 129 times aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut and the world’s first neurologist in space, saw our planet from a different perspective.

It was during that historic flight that she committed to combine medicine, scientific research and knowledge of the environment to build hope for the future of humanity.

That eight-day journey also inspired a foundation to do just that.

Friends, fans, celebrities & other notable Canadians helped celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s spaceflight!

Dr. Bondar shared comments on her views from space and her explorations on Earth that have followed.

Proceeds will support the programs of the Roberta Bondar Foundation.

Guests were also first to learn of a new way to connect with likeminded people in future!


Dr. Bondar’s commitments and passions are creating a lasting legacy.

As part of a seven-member crew aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery, she conducted dozens of experiments for more than 40 countries in the first microgravity laboratory, a precursor to the International Space Station. This science, which continues to help astronauts survive longer fights, has applications on Earth and was featured in the IMAX movie, Destiny in Space.

When she returned to Earth, Dr. Bondar headed an international research team partnering with NASA to study the effects of spaceflight on the human body.

She has published several bestselling books featuring Canada’s National Parks and other ecological significant environments. Her photographs are featured in national and international galleries, corporations and individual homes.

Through the Roberta Bondar Foundation, she connects people to the natural world, inspiring curiosity, respect for and conservation of the environment while building healthier lives.

For example, the Bondar Challenge uses the art of photography to engage young people in the natural world and make the connection to their health and well-being. Schools and camps deliver this innovative program to more than 3,500 young people each year in person and now online. This program is also part of EcoSchools Canada accreditation process.

The Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience features Bondar Challenge winners and their art alongside Dr. Bondar’s photographs of biodiversity and extension highlighting ecologically sensitive areas across the world. These interactive exhibitions travel in partnership with community galleries, museums and science centres across the country and have attracted over 400,000 attendees.

The current research and educational program for which Dr. Bondar is Principal Investigator, focuses on a blending of art and science to illustrate and document the migratory paths of several threatened or endangered species of birds. In partnership with NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and other international partners this ambitious initiative will highlight both human and natural impacts of climate change on habitat that threatens these life forms. Publications from this work are under development including images from land, air and space – a unique contribution to corridor protection.