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25th Anniversary of STS-42

The First International Microgravity Laboratory aboard STS Discovery

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A Sampler page of commemorations, salutes, and good wishes for Dr. Roberta Bondar in the silver anniversary year of her historic flight.

Mansbridge One On One With Dr. Roberta Bondar

CBC News Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge engages Roberta to talk about the 25th anniversary of her space flight aboard Discovery recalling both the flight and her work aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory [IML-1] and how its experience touched her life to motivate her activities in professional landscape photography and in her Foundation’s environmental awareness and education programs.

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TVO’s Current Affairs Host, Nam Kiwanuka and Dr. Roberta Bondar

TVO’s current affairs host, Nam Kiwanuka talks with Roberta about space flight in IML-1 and how it impacts Dr Bondar’s view of life on Earth, science, professional landscape and nature photography, and The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s work.

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Global News’ Susan Hay Speaks with Roberta

Image of two people walking

Global News Broadcast Journalist Susan Hay sits down with Dr. Roberta Bondar to discuss Life and Legacy and how the world’s first neurologist in space is Making a Difference.

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Michael Harding, InFocus, Leads Roberta Through Memories and Motivation

Image of two people sitting and talking in a gallery

Harding moves from Roberta’s childhood through her education, summer jobs, and years of diverse training to her present in this 25th Anniversary commemoration of her flight and work on IML-1.

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CBC Feature Journalist, Reg Sherren, Follows Roberta Into Toronto’s Parkdale School

Sherren weaves fun, fact, and philosophy in The Next Canada a thoughtful vignette about Bondar’s values, salient background, defining moments, and present path as she takes him into one of her Foundation’s programs, The Bondar Challenge.

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Sault Ste. Marie Celebrates a Hometown Hero

City Councillor, Susan Myers, overviews the 25-year impact of Dr. Roberta Bondar, at home and away, with hometown stops and civic leader commentary.

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Royal Canadian Mint Honours Roberta With Glow-in-Dark Silver Coin

Two images of Roberta Bondar receiving her Royal Canadian Mint coin

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, November 1, 2016 – Royal Canadian Mint President Sandra Harrington officially unveils a silver collector coin celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Space Shuttle Mission as the honoree assists.

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Image of Sault Ste Marie Mayor Provenzano

Sault Ste Marie Mayor Provenzano declares January 22 -30, 2017 as #BondarDays, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Roberta’s flight and one of the City’s key initiatives to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Image of Roberta Bondar holding award with group of people

Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, Dr. Roberta Bondar, Terry Sheehan, MP, and Robert Oliphant, MP.

Image of throne chairs

The Honourable Patricia Bovey joined parliamentarians in paying tribute to Dr. Roberta Bondar on the 25th anniversary of her flight, working in the precursor of the International Space Station.

Written congratulations from Ontario Premier Wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne sent congratulations. The Premier also commended Dr. Bondar’s contributions and commitment to the community, to civic service, and to raising environmental awareness.

Screenshot of tweet from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A celebratory tweet. Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as Dr. Roberta Bondar is welcomed to Parliament.

Poster for Life Reflected

A collection of powerful, multidisciplinary compositions, inspired by four exceptional Canadian women — Alice Munro, Amanda Todd, Roberta Bondar and Rita Joe.

Poster for High Flight Songs of the Stars

Along with Bondar’s captivating photography, were choral works inspired by the magic of the heavens and the earth, as well as real star sounds.

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