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The Camera Guide

On October 28, 1853, landscape photographer Frank J. Haynes was born in Saline Michigan. At various times, he was the “Official Photographer” of the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and Yellowstone National Park.

Haynes was part of a winter expedition in 1887 that almost ended in snow-bound disaster but resulted in the first photographs ever taken of Yellowstone in winter. He produced his sets of post card photographs and stereoviews that are now collectors’ pieces.

Photo of a man with a camera on a tripod
Landscape photographer Frank Jay Haynes, equipped for every situation. How many tools of his frontier photographic trade can you identify?

His Haynes Guide to Yellowstone Park was first published in 1890 and continued almost yearly until 1966! Although he pursued many other business interests, Haynes remains best known for his many hundreds of images that popularized Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs. Take a look!

Mt. Haynes, in Yellowstone National Park, is named in his honour.

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