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World Environment Day

On June 5, 2024, World Environment Day celebrates its 51st anniversary. This year, the focus – #GenerationRestoration – calls our attention to growing forests, reviving water sources, and bringing back soils. – advising us to become the generation that can make peace with land.

The United Nations Environment Programme calls attention to some of the ways we can all become #GenerationRestoration within our own local environments as well as how intimately we depend on it. It challenges us to be part of the solution and join in the global effort to respect & maintain the best health For Nature.

As individuals connected to nature, respecting and caring for our natural environments, we can harness our efforts as a collective power that has a legacy of real and lasting impact on the planet. Need ideas? See what’s happening? Check this out!

It’s vital we connect and remain connected to nature around us. Our lives and livings depend on natural resources. Our future well-being depends on our ability to live with all other living things on our little blue planet. When we are mindful of how we manage our air and lands and seas, we can help our planet sustain us.

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