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Earth Day

Poster for mother earth day

April 22, Earth Day, is celebrated around the world as tens of millions of people make time to attend their environment. Thousands of governments – from local to regional to state, provincial or federal – plan awareness campaigns and activities to encourage their citizens to commit to taking some action that will protect their environment. Individuals can effect these at home, at school, at work, out anywhere in the community, or even while travelling. These range from simple water conservation to forming habits and routines that reduce, reuse, and recycle commonly-used materials to taking extreme care while walking through fragile ecosystems… to holding leaders to commit to taking Climate Action.

The United Nations calls this International Mother Earth Day because “Mother Earth” is a multi-national common expression used in most cultural references to our planet home.

Many celebrate Earth Day on the vernal equinox as a season-appropriate festival. Many governments and active environmental groups extend their observation throughout a week or a month of events and activities.

One hour, one day, one week, one month of attention will not adequately address or solve the problems we’ve caused our home planet. Wherever and whenever, an Earth-focused day is a call to each of us to increase our awareness of and to take serious personal responsibility for the health of our environment. In every way we can.

Even in the midst of a global COVID-19 pandemic, this #EarthDay2022 finds us with a greater understanding that economic growth and sustainability go hand in hand, that Climate Change treaties are beginning to produce results, and that every individual makes a real difference with each planet-smart action however small.

One planet-smart act at a time. That is how Nobel Peace Prize Professor Wangari Maathai started Kenyan tree planting… over 50 million trees ago!

WHY are trees are so very important to us?
Download this small list of the benefits of TREES and see how many more you can add!

Graphic of trees

And as we work to help heal our planet home, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center reflects on how the evolution of its Earth-observing satellite fleet has sharpened our view of the planet’s climate, atmosphere, land, polar regions and oceans.

We can see what we have done. We can see how much more we have left to do. Together.

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