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Thirty years on, ‘spaceman’ Roberta Bondar is still flying high

Chris Knight

Chris Knight can ask questions! His interview with Dr. Roberta Bondar covered wide-ranging discussions from

  • recordings of Canadians she took into space with her and when she played them on orbit
  • how physical and visual experiences of seeing Earth’s edge and realizing how small we are becomes a perspective-shifting moment missing Earth sounds like birdsong
  • her internationally designed AMASS | SpaceForBirds project to research endangered bird species, to understand habitats and help conservation efforts
  • her belief that although we’ve engineered some of the difficulties we now face, we can also engineer the solutions
  • how astronauts really want to discover stuff, to explore
  • how eloquent Shatner was on his return from his brief time in space
  • how sunsets lead to stars and a whole new world … and its promise
  • that spaceflight gives us the opportunity to view for the absolute first time ever so many things we still don’t know about the human body
  • and more, much more. For full interview: Thirty years on, ‘spaceman’ Roberta Bondar is still flying high!