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Dr. Bondar on #EarthMatters tour for Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge

Students with Roberta Bondar


Students Inspired and Captivated By Canada’s First Woman Astronaut

Pope John Paul II School:

6th to 8th grade students across the KCDSB welcomed Dr Roberta Bondar into their midst and helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of her historic spaceflight and Ontario’s 150th anniversary.

Dr. Bondar invited them to take The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge to seek out some special natural element in their environment that they value and admire and to capture it in a photograph to show others what they wish will continue to exist and delight others 150 years from now.

First Female Canadian Space Traveler Visits Kenora

“a moment of awe and inspiration for students in Kenora”

Dr Bondar also told audience about The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge in which she asks participants to photograph a natural environment element that they wish will still be enjoyed by people 150 years in the future.



Brent Linton, The Chronicle-Journal:

Former astronaut shows students big picture … then challenged students to use a camera to photograph an aspect of nature in the community that they hope will still exist in 150 years …

Leith Dunick, Thunder Bay News

Bondar cautious when it comes to Mars exploration — Canada’s first female astronaut would like to see humanity return to the moon before setting out to colonize the Red Planet.

Dr Bondar is in Thunder Bay on her #EarthMatters tour with Science North, to invite the public to take up The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.


Roberta Bondar inspiring youth to mark Ontario 150 with photos of nature

— Canada’s first female astronaut touring northern Ontario to promote photography challenge.

CBC News recap of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s visit on her #EarthMatters speaking tour to introduce Sudbury to the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.

From Bondar launches photo challenge

As part of her #EarthMatters tour, Dr. Bondar launched her Ontario 150 Challenge where people can join her in demonstrating the importance of their natural world, She capped the day with a personally guided tour of her national 150 exhibit, Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada, “a travelling exhibition of 14 oversized fine art photographs of the Canadian landscape from sea to sea to sea … [that] cultivate a sense of awe, pride, respect and understanding of the natural beauty, biodiversity and sustainability of our nation.”

Heather Green-Oliver,, reports: Canada’s first female astronaut visits Sudbury 

— where Dr. Roberta Bondar spoke to students at a stop at Science North about her love for the planet.

Keith Lacey of writes: Bondar speaks in Sudbury — about achieving the dream of a lifetime.

Nick Liard of reports: Dr. Roberta Bondar Issues Photography Challenge To Northern City’s[sic] 

— inviting people to take nature photographs of their own and submit them to The Ontario150 Bondar Challenge.


Cdn astronaut Bondar urges Timmins students to create their own legacy

by Emma Meldrum, Timmins

Canada’s first female astronaut spoke at Timmins High and Vocational School on Thursday as part of #EarthMatters regional tour for the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge. Dr. Roberta Bondar invited Timmins and area residents “to join her in celebrating the beauty of nature” that they value by making a photographic image of that special natural element and sharing it online.


Canada’s first woman in space encourages local students to help preserve this planet

by Linda Holmes,

As part of her #EarthMatters tour, Dr. Roberta Bondar challenged her audience to engage in the natural environment, to think about the natural environment, and take her photographic Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge and find some natural element they value for future generations to see.

The Nugget 

Journalist, PJ Wilson, captures the highlights of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge to the city and area residents at West Ferris Secondary School today. In a collaboration between Science North and The Roberta Bondar Foundation, she spoke to students and educators from across the region, marking the 25th anniversary of her journey into space as a member of the First International Microgravity Laboratory and the North Bay launch of the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.


How Science North and The Roberta Bondar Foundation formed their new partnership Initiative that incorporates the 2017 photography-based Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.

For more about this innovative initiative, see