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Species At Risk

Above & Beyond; Canada’s Arctic Journal
Inflight Magazine for Canadian North

Image by Roberta Bondar of Whooping Cranes in pond from air

A recent collaboration between The Roberta Bondar Foundation and Wood Buffalo National Park-Parks Canada appears in this summer’s edition of Above & Beyond; Canada’s Arctic Journal.

The article, Species at Risk, briefly reviews the current status of the last wild, migratory flock of Whooping Cranes, North America’s largest bird.

It introduces the newest tool to augment the extant programs that monitor the Whooping Crane. Project designer-photographer Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Space For Birds | AMASS research project links ground, aerial, and satellite photography perspectives to provide and document more detailed information on the risks, distances, and flightpaths the Whooping Crane takes in land, water, and air environments.

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