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Roberta Bondar reflects on being first Canadian woman in space

Shaye Ganam
CHED Mid-Morning with Shaye Ganam

Ganam and Bondar discuss Life experiences. Bondar acknowledges she has several peaks in her life and preparing for a flight after the Challenger accident was certainly one of them. But the on-orbit eyeball-filling darkness of space around our planet and the thinness of our atmosphere appearing against it were some motivators in pursuing her next three decades:

  • supporting two dozen missions of astronauts and cosmonauts cope in microgravity and back into gravity and pursuing how these techniques, tests, and new knowledge knowledge help people on Earth with various diseases
  • leaving research to take large format cameras into all our national parks then onto other arid edges of the planet
  • using the Foundation to help others share what is precious to them about the natural environment and others connect/reconnect to the natural world for good mental health and creative stimulation.

Explore. Learn. Enable others to. Repeat.