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International Day of Human Space Flight

Dallas Fort Worth Texas
Consulate General of Canada in Dallas, United States

Image of Roberta Bondar and Betty Beaver

Making her splash in the southern U.S.A., Betty Beaver fosters friendships as she uncovers neat nuggets of neighbourly similarities and differences between Canadians and southwestern Americans.

Today, Betty interviews Dr. Roberta Bondar, the world’s first Neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut, to celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Human Space Flight.

Dr. Bondar talks about her most favorite memories growing up in Ontario and wanting to be an astronaut, the connection between space exploration and Nature conservation, her connections to the Southwest U.S., the the Whooping Cranes in Port Aransas, and how you can explore both Nature and space up close and comfortable while stuck at home!

Betty is destined to continue busy as a beaver for the Consulate General of Canada in Dallas Fort Worth.