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Distilled Debrief!

Distillery District Magazine vol 72
Toronto ON

Editor Keith Veira’s questions of Dr. Roberta Bondar reveal some of her unique, fascinating medical and technical insights. 

Cover of Distillery District Magazine

★ Significant findings from her IML-1 flight that she discovered about human responses and our potential for living in space long term. ★ Weightlessness phenomena from changing blood levels to cognition shifts. ★ What we think we know about medicine but don’t when the mask of gravity is removed! ★ How medical labwork in space influences medical treatments on Earth. ★ How space program détente disperses in the nationalization, even militarization of space programs. ★ The vital importance of internet access to rural communities, to equalize access to knowledge and opportunity for all Canadian citizens.


The pages include examples of Bondar’s large format photographic works that are represented by the Loch Gallery, Toronto.

Check them out!