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Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space [AMASS]

The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto, Ontario

A new education initiative from The Roberta Bondar FoundationAvian Migration Aerial Surface Space [AMASS] seeks “to promote the protection of safe, sustainable habitats for migrating birds” with The Foundation’s regional and global partners. The Foundation aims to spark global conservation using its tools of “art and science, story telling and dynamic imagery to understand and communicate the scope and scale of international avian migratory pathways” and inspire people to act and to empower individual action.

The AMASS project will provide context and scale from different perspectives – surface, aerial, and spaceflight.

Comic book style collage of photos from WBNP fieldwork

The Roberta Bondar Foundation launched its first official onsite aerial activity at Wood Buffalo National Park in early August where it captured images and video footage of the endangered Whooping Crane, its nests, and its extensive habitat. The Whooping Crane is one of six migratory species to be examined.

The Foundation uses #AMASS to facilitate the project’s social media collation.