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October 26, 2022
Faculty of Science
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

Perspective Shift: Moving Beyond the Familiar to Reach for the Extraordinary

Still exploring 30 years after her historic space voyage, Dr. Roberta Bondar delivered this year’s Lipson Lecture. The astronaut/physician/scientist/photographer addressed what it takes and what it means to shift one’s point-of-view to see and experience things in a completely different way.

Dr Bondar stands in front of projection screen
Dr. Roberta Bondar delivers 22-1026 Lipson Lecture – Perspective Shift

To help stimulate others to think differently Dr. Bondar integrated still and video images and ideas along with emotional and natural connections to our life on planet Earth to demonstrate how her perspective from space affects her continued Earth exploration.

Livestreamed from the UVic Farquhar Auditorium (via Zoom Webinar).

Dr. Bondar stands in front of projection screen
Buffy Sainte-Marie: Starwalker TONIGHT!

Buffy Sainte-Marie: Starwalker TONIGHT!

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation September 30, 2022

Today, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we honour and acknowledge the importance of Indigenous peoples’ relationship with land, the attempt to sever that link through the Residential School System, and the incredible reconnections happening now across Canada.

Tonight we join in celebrating the leadership and talent of singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie in her prime time special Buffy Sainte-Marie: Starwalker. Dr. Roberta Bondar takes pride and joy in introducing/saluting the resilient universal conscience that Buffy Sainte-Marie has become for peoples across cultures.

Dr. Roberta Bondar’s salute to Buffy Sainte-Marie:

I would like to thank Buffy Sainte-Marie for inviting me to introduce her song, Moonshot.

With its secrets and enchantment, the night sky remains a universal light for those who look up and beyond our earthly life. In ancient and now in modern times, the shape shifting of the moon remains key to cultural identities worldwide. When I looked at the moon during my spaceflight, I sensed it had witnessed the history of our planet and its civilizations over thousands and millions of years. It is a silent voyageur of the sky with the power to turn the tides of Earth and illuminate generations.

Buffy Sainte-Marie also illuminates our lives. She has touched multiple generations with her music and lyrics and continues to be at the forefront of music with a message. Buffy has educated, informed and lifted us up.

And in the case of Chickasaw tribal citizen Commander John Herrington, Buffy lifted him up like no other. The first Native American to go to space, he brought Buffy and her band to Cape Canaveral for his inaugural space flight — where she performed two songs for him.

Now, the first Native American woman — Wailacki tribal citizen, Colonel Nicole Aunupu Mann is set to go into space.

photo of Buffy Ste-Marie during finale
Buffy Ste-Marie during finale

The performance you will see, captures Buffy’s musical storytelling through the movement of dance. Métis choreographer Jera Wolfe designed this dance piece, while the orchestration and arrangement of Moonshot is based on Buffy’s notes.

Moonshot paints a picture of travellers going to a new place and realizing there are already people there: Indigenous people, whose eyes and souls have touched the heavens, and even have a telepathic Angel at their side.

And above our Earth, in my spaceflight experience, there is a sense the universe possesses a deepness and intensity of its own beckoning to space travellers —- star walkers.

The show is available to stream on CBC Gem.

You can hear Buffy Sainte-Marie and Dr. Roberta Bondar speak on a wide range of subjects in Bondar’s podcast Sharing Space.

An Evening for Wildlife

An Evening for Wildlife

The National Wildlife Centre
Caledon ON

The National Wildlife Centre prepares for its biggest fundraiser on September 22 to advance its ability to extend the best of human knowledge and care to animals who share our ecosystem.

Dr. Roberta Bondar continues her work for the environment through her support of the National Wildlife Centre as they work to expand and build a permanent structure that will enable better care to more wild animals while training more expert professionals who are on the frontlines and cutting edge of wild animal care. She reminds us that trained professional veterinarians who perform needed surgeries require a facility designed for best practices for optimal care.

Blazing trails in space and on Earth

Blazing trails in space and on Earth

Keri Ferguson
Western Alumni Gazette
Fall 2022

How Canada’s first female astronaut, Dr. Roberta Bondar, became one of Canada’s strongest advocates for our natural world.

Ferguson’s article includes nuggets and insights from Dr. Bondar’s groundbreaking journey on the International Microgravity Laboratory thirty years ago, through leading an international research team to study the effects of spaceflight on the human body, to her continued scientific research, today partnering with NASA as a principal investigator, focussed on how natural and human-inspired changes impact the safe passage of migratory birds.

Dr. Bondar’s current international project will offer a unique perspective on the lives of birds through images captured on land, by air and from space. Soon to find their new home in a travelling photo exhibit that will be part of the Protecting Space for Birds project initiative.

How yeast experiments on Artemis I may help astronauts survive cosmic radiation in deep space

How yeast experiments on Artemis I may help astronauts survive cosmic radiation in deep space

Curt Petrovich
CBC News

A Canadian trio speak their concerns and opinions about the effects of radiation on human beings who enter a space environment beyond the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sharing these, along with their suggestions, are pharmaceutical scientist, Corey Nislow, radiation biologist, Douglas Boreham, and astronaut-neurologist, Dr. Roberta Bondar.

Read MORE!

Young photographers immersed in nature for Roberta Bondar Challenge

Young photographers immersed in nature for Roberta Bondar Challenge

Teresa Kaszuba
The Morning Show on CHEX

Teresa Kaszuba interviews Cathy Mitchell, Program Supervisor at Riverview Park and Zoo, about the Roberta Bondar nature photo challenge. They discuss how Bondar Challenges invite youth across the country to connect with nature through photography in program versions for summer camps, online, or in-school. Then… Mitchell offers a photo tip from the program to help Kaszuba capture the next perfect photo.

“Roberta Bondar Photography Challenge is back!”

“Roberta Bondar Photography Challenge is back!”

Caroline McConnell
PeterboroughExaminer .com
Peterborough Ontario

After two years of running their Roberta Bondar photography challenge virtually, the summer camp team at Riverview Park and Zoo and Otonabee Conservation celebrate the return of their Live, In-Person, On Location Summer Camp Bondar Challenge.

A feature of the Northcrest Ward, Riverview Park and Zoo has several locations within and around their grounds that also include several Otonabee Conservation trails. Perfect and varied locations for youth to engage in the Bondar Challenge of capturing a personal best image of their environment through the art of photography.

Throughout their annual Summer Camp Bondar Challenges, participants in the Riverview Park and Zoo program have produced many award winning photographs.

A bee on white flowers
“Visual Voices: Artists & the Environment”

“Visual Voices: Artists & the Environment”

The Senate of Canada
Ottawa Ontario

Renowned Canadian artists Roberta Bondar and Edward Burtynsky are lending the Senate of Canada artworks that capture an aspect of climate change on Canada’s endangered species and natural landscapes.

MORE   “Visual Voices: Artists & the Environment”, an art installation at the Senate of Canada Building.

My First Summer Job

My First Summer Job

Rosemary Counter
Financial Post
Toronto Ontario

Dr. Bondar shares the details of her six summers, starting as a teen, working with moths at a government-funded genetics laboratory. She received a clean white lab coat every Monday and an unlimited supply of spruce budworm moths. She learned she could do many new and different things and that if she tried she could also improve her skills at those too.

She learned to respect insects. Good thing, too, since insects were scheduled for observation in the Spacelab of her IML-1 flight! Insects have complex responses to climate changes that impact our lives on Earth.

Dr. Roberta Bondar smiling while holding a moth on her finger
In Our Hands

In Our Hands

Stratford General Hospital
Stratford Ontario

Dr. Bondar lent her hand today to help launch the Stratford General Hospital Foundation fundraising campaign, delivering her unique perspective on medicine, on team work, and on touching the lives of others. The Stratford General Hospital Foundation will invest funds raised into equipment replacements, technology updates, and new digital imaging.

Illustration of tree growing out of photo of the earth
Perspective Shift: Moving Beyond Familiar; Reaching for Extraordinary

Perspective Shift: Moving Beyond Familiar; Reaching for Extraordinary

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology & Office of the VP Research
McMaster University

In Dr. Bondar’s audio-visual presentation at McMaster, the topic of Perspective Shift included visualizing our planet without maps, seeing the Earth through a new lens and the importance of engaging the natural environment as a key to its protection.

Slide with image of Earth from space

Then, surprise!   The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology dedicated a special plaque and spruce trees to honour Dr. Bondar, McMaster ’77, first Canadian woman and first neurologist in space.

Plaque reading: "In Honour of Dr. Roberta Bondar '77. In 1992, Dr. Bondar became the first Canadian woman as well as the first neurologist in space. Dedicated by the W. Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology."
W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology special plaque and spruce trees dedicated to honour Dr. Bondar, McMaster ’77, first Canadian woman and first neurologist in space
Five people standing and kneeling around a tree with a plaque in front
McMaster grounds team student grp (Back L – R) Kyla, John, Matt (Front) Jelena, Gary (Grounds Supervisor), (Camera) Peyton